Larry Quinn appointed as the 13th President of the Security Institute


The Board of Directors of the Security Institute of Ireland decided at their board meeting of November 2016 to elect Larry Quinn with immediate effect as the 13th President of the Security Institute. The Board in bestowing its highest honour on Larry is acknowledging his 28 years of committed service as the Director of Academic Research. During this time he gained experience in upholding the highest Ethical Standards in Certification, Academic Standards, Programme Development, Assessment, Trainer Qualification and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) both in Ireland and Internationally.


Larry intends to ensure that the standing of the President of the Security Institute will be increased in the Public and Private sectors. To achieve this he will engage with other stakeholder organisations so they have a clear view of the Security Institute as the Sectoral Body. He will engage fully with the Directors, Fellows and Members to ensure their full committment to the new agenda to assist as a solid team with the improvements of the SII.


To ensure that these future developments are driven forward, Luke Maples, Director of Compliance has also been elected as Deputy President.


Key Objectives

  1. Work closely with the CEO
  2. Review the Memoranda and Articles
  3. Engage with Stakeholders
  4. Liaise with other Educational Organisations
  5. Liaise with relevnt Regulatory Bodies
  6. Review Board of Directors
  7. Allocate Portfolios to Directors
  8. Conduct Research
  9. Devise and Approve Occupational Standards
  10. Determine Acquisition Options and Routes
  11. Publish or Approve Training Manuals and Guidelines
  12. Determine Criteria for Certificates and Credentials
  13. Propose Criteria for Membership and Registers
  14. Devise and Approve Technical Standards
  15. Increase positive exposure to the mainstream Media
  16. Increase Social Media exposure
  17. Develop e-learning platform
  18. Continued EU engagement


In this announcement Larry Quinn has set out what he believes are the key principles that will form the remit of his new Presidency. The Security Institute will consolidate and then move forward in order to win the hearts and minds of all at the leading egde of the National and Internatonal security industry.