Programme Benefits

This vocational qualification is directly relevant and beneficial to frontline staff, enhancing their skills and adding value to their organisation role. On completion learners will play a proactive role in mitigating the threats associated with an attack, thereby contributing to a safer working environment for themselves and others. It will be of value also to those active in or with responsibility for safety and security in both the public and private sectors.


This vocational qualification is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to identify the immediate risks associated with a terrorist threat and respond appropriately in the event of an emergency.


The recommended total duration of this programme is two weeks. Study guidelines are provided to assist learners with study scheduling.

When stated in terms of hours, learners, depending on their level of knowledge and experience, should consider a commitment of up to 25 hours for study, research and project completion. Learners with extensive experience, knowledge or background in security or any related field may not have to commit to the full duration.


The course is assessed by a multiple-choice question examination.


A comprehensive manual is provided. Candidates will also be provided with study guidelines.


On completion of the programme the learner will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Terrorism Awareness and Prevention. This Certificate is issued by the security industry sector body for education and training, the Security Institute of Ireland.

This is an e-cert which is e-mailed to learners on completion of the programme.

Progression and Further Studies

Progression routes are available through the Security Institute; these include a range of higher-level options such as an Advanced Certificate in Security Supervisor Skills, Diploma in Asset Risk Management, or a Diploma in New Terrorism and Countermeasures.

Registration Options

Individual learners may register and choose their payment option directly on the course website to begin the course immediately. Payment plans are available through the website.

If you require special payment options such as invoicing, or would like to register a number of learners, please contact us for assistance.