Programme Benefits

This vocational qualification was developed for those wishing to progress their career. Its purpose is to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge required to assist with the delivery of a professional service.

On successful completion learners will work effectively as a supervisor or team leader in a range of diverse, team-oriented security environments. The skills and knowledge acquired are designed to build on existing experiences and activity of those engaged in the area of operational security.


This vocational qualification is designed to enable learners acquire a range of skills and knowledge and competencies in the field of supervision and team leadership in the security industry.

Programme content is directed towards those currently at operational, team leader or supervisory and those at security officer level seeking to progress their careers. Course content includes Documenting Work Instructions, Teams and Teamwork Concepts, Team Leader Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Taking Control in Security Situations, Communications, Monitoring, Managing and Measuring Team Performance.


The recommended total duration of this programme is twelve weeks. Study guidelines are provided to assist learners with study scheduling and project completion.

When stated in terms of hours, learners, depending on their level of knowledge and experience, should consider a commitment of up to 150 hours for study, research and project completion. Learners with extensive experience, knowledge or background in security or any related field may not have to commit to the full duration.


The course is assessed by way of a 3,000 word project; candidates have twelve weeks to complete this project.


A comprehensive manual is provided; this includes a suite of templates. Candidates will also be provided with study and assessment guidelines and a project formatting template.


Successful completion leads to an Advanced Certificate in Security Supervisor Skills. This Certificate is issued by the security industry sector body for education and training, the Security Institute of Ireland.

Course Outcomes

On successful completion, participants will be able to understand:

  • The range of typical employer policies and employer documents on assignment
  • What assignment instructions are and what typically may be included
  • Methods of extracting, documenting and allocating tasks
  • Effective assignment recording and reporting procedures
  • Teamwork concepts, team types and team structures
  • The role, qualities, characteristics and skills of a team leader
  • The range of communications skills beneficial to the team leader when interacting with clients, customers, management, team members and the public
  • The role of the team leader in assignment customer care and quality policies
  • Methods of monitoring, managing and measuring team performance
  • The role the team leader may play in respect of the safety, health and welfare of team members
  • How the team leader can assist with promoting equality and diversity within and external to the team
  • How to manage external conflict issues impacting on the team and conflict within the team
  • Work life balance principles and quality of life issues in the security industry
  • How to reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses, leading to identifying areas for personal development.

Registration Options

Individual learners may register and choose their payment option directly on the course website to begin the course immediately. Payment plans are available through the website.

If you require special payment options such as invoicing, or would like to register a number of learners, please contact us for assistance.