Advanced Certificate in Managing Employee Safety – Now Online

The Security Institute of Ireland is pleased to announce the Advanced Certificate in Managing Employee Safety has been added to the selection of courses now available online.

This vocational qualification was developed to satisfy the need to identify and address the range of both typical and unique safety risks associated with operational employees carrying out security tasks. This course will equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to undertake effective safety risk assessments and make recommendations for safety of employees operating within the security industry.

Learners have complete control of their schedule and can work through the course at their own pace over a 12 week period, allowing them to maintain work and family commitments while studying. In terms of hours, learners can expect a commitment of approximately 150 hours needed to complete the course. Over a 12 week period, this can be easily achieved with 2.5 hours of study per weekday, for example. Those with extensive experience, knowledge or background in security or any related field do not have to commit to the full duration and may submit their final assessment material anytime within the stated duration.

All our online courses use the same content, supporting materials and assessment requirements as the classroom-based courses, maintaining the same high standards and integrity of the qualifications.

To read more about these new online courses please see the ‘Courses‘ section on the website, or visit the course platform.